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. Why ADVR recorder automatic restart?
1) Check general-automatic maintain interface-if set up the automatic restart.
2) Renew other version of program, check if the problem of current version; restore the default settings.
3) Turn off cloud service or unplug the network cable, check if it caused by IP address conflict or MAC conflict.
4) Change the power adapter, check if the power reduced, insufficient power supply.
5) Unplug hard disk, check if the problem of hardware compatible.
6) If problem still not fixed after above steps checking, please contact with Xmeye technician.
2. Recorder failed to start or stuck at the English prompt Interface?
1) Probably hard disk error caused the recorder unable to start, can remove the hard disk to start up again.
2) Probably the front board error, open the case unplug the cable of front board and hard disk cable then try to start up again .
3) Probably upgrade the error file, or power off during upgrading, ask service for a repair file.
4) Above all not working, please send it back for repair.
3. How to connect ADVR recorder with IP PTZ and coaxial PTZ?
A. 485 interface
1) Positive and negative distinction when PTZ 485 cable plug to DVR RS485 interface.(A is positive, B is negative)
2) PTZ equipment fulfill the correspond PTZ protocol, Baud rate, address bit at ADVR main menu-system - PTZ config .
3) Set up the address bit of recorder channel to be different, set up the address bit of analog PTZ to be the same with channel, please inquiry manufacturer for the specific modification method.
Note: Address bit wrote on the case of PTZ.
B. Coaxial control(Only coaxial PTZ)
1) No need connect 485 cable, coaxial connection available.
2) ADVR recorder and AHC camera all support coaxial control(back-H-MH default support, PTZ customized).
3) Main menu-right click-coaxial control-pick the Interface of PTZ config -operate.
4. How to connect DVR with IP camera?
Open Main menu, system , channel mode, choose mixture mode or pure IP channel mode.
5. The situation of no video or half video when 5in1 DVR connect with TVI 720P camera?
1) The situation mainly caused by the compatibility of recorder protocol and camera TVI protocol.
2) Camera TVI protocol need TVI 2.0 or camera protocol TVI 1.0, support coaxial protocol at the same time.
6. Coaxial control can not call up the OSD menu?
1) Confirm camera and recorder both support OSD control.
2) Recorder restore the default settings.
3) Up-grate recorder program.
7. How to choose forwarding mode and HD mode through external network monitoring?
The mode is automatic settings by the system, the system set it through the speed of network. It will choose HD mode automatically when network works well, or only forwarding mode. It can not changed by ourselves.
8. There is no alarm input option in the alarm settings or not configured?
1) First, confirm that recorder support alarm or support extend.
2) Main menu-general-equipment information, change alarm input 0 to 4.

FAQ About IPC:
1.How to connect IPC with NVR and operate it?
IPC&NVR: Make the network cable of IPC and NVR insert to the same POE switch. Make sure their IP address in the same network segment. Power on, then clicking “search equipment” and adding it.
2.How to view IPC through computer?
1) IPC and the computer should be in the same LAN. Input the IP address of the IPC on computer directly.
2) Through the client CMS on computer.
3) Visit “” and input the ID of NVR.
3.What’s the default IP address, user name and password of IPC?
1) Normal camera factory default IP address:; user name: admin; no need password.
2) Autofocus camera factory default IP address:; user name: admin; no need password.
3) PTZ factory default IP address:; user name: admin; password: 12345.
Note: If it is the first time to visit the equipment, modify the IP address and local PC in the same network segment.
4. Why can’t search out IP address even if it is in the same network segment with PC?
1) Check the cable socket of the camera. If showing green light, it indicates power-on. If don’t, change the power supplier or the socket.
If showing yellow light, it indicates network connected. If don’t, change the network cable or the network socket.
2) Use a cable to connect the camera with PC directly. Setting the PC IP address to be a fixed address. Leave one local connectivity only. Then cutting off Wi-Fi and other network.
3)If can search the IP address, please check the network configuration of router and switch.
4) In the case of already knowing the IP address, ping IP address. If can ping for it, you can contact the technician. Otherwise, return back to repaired.
5) If still can’t find the IP address, contact technician to solve it.
5. Why there is fog on the camera glass cover under canopy?
1) Temperature difference.
2) Improper assemble of the camera leading in the cold air.
6. How to switch PAL/ NTSC?
Configuration - system - normal setting - video setting - confirm
The system will be rebooted after confirm.
7.How to use POE splitter?
1) If they are a pair of splitter with one male connector and one female connector, the female connector links to monitoring

specialized power supply and switch, then connecting the male connector to network, male connector connect to the the power interface and network interface.
2) Sole POE splitter male connector can be connected to POE switch through network cable. Male connector connect to the the power interface and network interface.
8. Why does it appear mosaic when connect our IPC with NVR from other factory?
It may be caused by the low code stream of camera. You can turn up the definition and frame rate of the camera.  
9. What is our IPC ONVIF version?
It will continuously support to 2.4 version. Old version will be updated to the newest firmware.

FAQ About Camera:
1.Connect the recorder but without image.
1) Check whether the camera is energized. 
2) If it’s energized, pls check the camera’s mode and standard whether match with recorder’s. 
3) Check the VGA/HDMI cable is good.
4) After the above confirmation, contact the factory for inspection.
2.The image of recorder is not clear when connect. 
1) Check the camera’s standard system whether match with recorder’s.
2) Check whether the lens is focusing clearly.
3) Check the lens and cover surface is clean. If there is dust or finger printed on the lens or cover surface, the picture quality will be poor. Pls clean with soft cloth or the lens cleaning kit on the market.
3.After connect the recorder, there is interference of the image. 
1) There is no strong electromagnetic field near the camera to produce interference.
2) Check whether the grounding is good.
3) Pls use high quality VGA/HDMI cable, and sure they are contact well.
4) Check the VGA/HDMI cable connect correctly.
5) The flash screen can be used to upgrade DVR/NVR, then make power off and restart it.
4.Connect recorder, the image is off color.
1) Check whether the recorder VGA/HDMI output cable is in good contact.
2) Change the environment, to avoid working in the special environment.
3) Right-click the main menu on the recorder >Management tools> Restore default(system upgrade).
5.The camera switches to night vision when the light still bright.
1) Pls check whether the installation environment is in the shadow, or the sun shield of shell is installed too front.
2) Remove the photosensitive filter on the lamp board, can reduce the sensitivity of light.

FAQ About Cloud Service:
1.Serial NO. Of cloud visit, note the device not available.
1) Check the device version support cloud service or not, if not, update to the latest version.
2) Check the version info nat connection is on or off.
3) If nat off, it may be the cloud service of internet service not start, click internet service - open cloud service.
4) If show as detecting DNS, check the device internet to see whether the device and router internet are same.
5) After device connect with router, click internet service and chose the menue: get the IP address auto, then get the internet match automatically, and then check the nat connection is ok.
6) Some clients if use cat on the internet, needs dial: in the internet service -PPPOE, write down the user and passport to dial.
7) If nat connects, but the device still off, sreenshot the info and connect the technician.
2.Serrial NO. Visit, no problem of the connection, but display others sreen.
1) Its because of MAC confliction.
2) Check the device software is updated to the one after Sep. 2015, if not, update to the version after Sep. 2015.
3) After update, if still same problem, connect technician.
3.How to check the correct visit by cloud service?
-- Internet setting - internet service - cloud service - open.
-- System info - version - serial NO., nat statue and connection.
-- IE and APP visit the device by serial NO.
4.Device NAT always shows detecting DNS.
-- Make sure the device and router in the same internet, and click the  get IP address auto, if cant get automatically, then putin a unengamend IP address.
-- Revise device internet setting - first choice/alternative DNS to be router WANs DNS.
5.In the same internet device, some devices can connect cloud service, some show as detecting DNS.
1) Check the internet same or not, usually this problem is caused by the bad transit-network, need the server transfer, try to revise devices internet DNS setting ( set to be same router or local operators DNS ).
2) After setting, restart device.
3) Update to the latest software.
4) Check whther a IP address is conflicted with the detecting IP address, if so, change the IP address.
5) If still same, contact with the technician.
6.Does P2P cloud service support 3G/4G visit?
7.How many visitors could service of one device support at the same time?
Cloud service has a limitation for the channel review.
A. When DVR channel less than 16,
   The remote channel quantity = DVR channel+1
B. when DVR channel be 16 or more than, 
The remote channel quantity = the dvr channel
2)  IP camera
   The remote channel quantity less than 5.
8.the prpcedure of the connection between the cloud service and camera, is there VPN or any password?
-- No VPN or password, after power on, the camera connects the router which one is most closet to it, the server is only to connect the app and device.
9.How many device can be added to cloud service?
-- The most is 32pcs device now, if more, it will show abnormal, cant refresh the state.
10.Does cloud service support remote updating?
-- No, only support local area internet update.