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Franchise Application

MAPESEN Franchise Application
Customer Information
Company name Contact Person Contact Number
Date of Establishment The Number Of Company Annual Sales Volume
Region The Operation time:       Years          Number of Store     
Character:□ Distributor/Wholesaler    □ Installer    □ System Integrator    □ Others             
Operational Information
Main Products:□ Cameras  □ Acquisition Card  □ DVR/NVR    □ Conveyer    □ Others             
Main Brand:□ MAPESEN    HIKVISION  SONY  Panasonic
SAMSUNG    DAHUA    Others                         
The main sales channel:□ Installer  Distributor  Sectors  Retailer  Others____                 
Customer characteristics:Enterprise  □Government Agency  □ Large Engineering  □ Civil Engineering  □ Land Agent  □ Others         
Provincial CharacteristicsLow Consumption Low-end productAttention to Product Quality  □ Function strong,high-end products
Management PositionBrand Products          □ Mid-range Products              □High-end industrial Products  □ Other           
Market Survey
Regional Character:
Hope to Get Support: □ Advertising Promotion  □ Terminal Image  □ Delivery Speed  □ Payment Term  □ Strengthen Communication  □ Train
The Most Attention: □ Quality      Packaging      Price      Brand      After-Sales Service      Others       
Choose Cooperation Manufacture Standard: □ Famous Brand  □ Cost-effective    □ Stable Quality    □ Customers Want to Brand
Advertising Influence  □ Designated by the Government Authority  □ Manufacturer Service Better  □ Good personal Feelings
The Characteristics of Your Customers Choose Products: □ Customers Designated brand  □ Introduce What is What  □ High-Profile
Inexpensive  □ Emphasis on Quality  □ Others       
The Product Competitive Situation: □ Cheap Will Sell Well      □ Have Asked for Brand    □ Activity is More Popular  Others         
Regional Survey
What do you know about the region’s surveillance market? The characteristics of regional consumption, and the human environment?

Product Research
For the product of agent MAPESEN,Which products do you think you have the best advantage, and why?