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Joining Policy

Joining Mapesen Policy

With the rapid development of the company, Mapesen to make distribution management more easily ,it gradually implementing agency system  . Focus on service agents, so that the advantages of resources, used in high-quality customer resources.

Territory: Currently ,Mapesen overall market still dominated by the future ,
It focus on finding the "lead buyer ",for strategic cooperation, give the "sole agent" permissions, the opportunities and profits to agents, reduce the pressure of enterprise market management and cost, and mutual profits.

Agent requirements: According to the Mapesen standard, agent confirmed to have actual strength corresponding sales, manpower, well-funded, channels, complete market concept, after both sides talks things over, idea agreed, issued formal agency authority.

Exclusive agent :In consideration of the exclusive right herein granted,Party A shall not,directly or indirectly ,sell or export products to this territory through other channel

Agent time for strategic partners, usually hope that through the inspection, long-term cooperation, don't literally change agent, agent support and training.So, in the choice of agent, is very careful.Can only be cast magnificently, long-term cooperation, so, in the case of both sides can fulfill commitment, Mapesen is holding on to a long-term cooperation.

Agent requirements:
(1),Manpower requirement: technical staff, no less than 1;Business elite, not less than 2;The financial one.
(2),Industry requirements: familiar with security monitoring industry, no less than 3 years experience in monitoring project, product distribution.
(3),Channel requirements: in the area, have a fixed distribution channels, engineering cases, the monthly sales channels or agent Mapesen product sales monthly requirement.
(4)Experience requirements: the region market, have a clear understanding of the original opinion, be familiar with the area counties, secondary cities and small cities, economic development, city construction, monitoring the market conditions.Can effectively guide the regional dealers' sales activities.
(5)Capital requirements: liquidity, no less than $200000.

Agent Preparation: For the application of the partners of the company, Mapesen need to provide the relevant materials, qualifications, proof.
To provide information: business license / legal representative of a copy of the tax registration certificate, the company profile, the relevant certificate. ②Preliminary investigation :the size of enterprises, capital strength, business products, human scale, sales channels, the number of stores, business model, business direction, agent ideas.
Sales assessment: the general assessment period of 3 months to the agent model to provide support, but not the formal signing of the contract. Signed a test cooperation agreement, promised to test the cooperation period of various products, "monthly sales", and to achieve the appropriate sales.
Sales support: In the trial period of cooperation, Mapesen will provide technical support, product training, market guidance and other comprehensive support. To assist each other, for market development, business guidance, technical support.