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Mapesen Brand Introduction

Mapesen, a independence brand from Unite States ,From the established in 2011, is focused on varies production of the CCTV, DVR and some other security system accessories, and have archived many great projects with fast development. With powerful research and development ability, we have factory line for SMT and professional test equipment for every aspects, such as color, brightness, clearance, white balance, IR, shockproof, H/L temperature, waterproof, antimagnetic, dustproof, current power supply and so on, which ensure the quality stability and effectiveness much better than others. The yearly sales increases by 55%-50%. We’re sure it will double and be better in the following years. We believe miracle is possible. The company structure includes production department, marketing department, service after sales, research and development department, and production line, SMT factory and purchasing department. QC and IQC department test and control all of the procedure, and ensure 100% aging until the quality is meeting the requirement. And we also bring in SAP ERP management software system to realize the highest goal in the modernized manufacturing industry - delicacy producing and management combination, and meet customer different demands, and improve our competition as well.