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Artificial intelligence will turn humans into endangered species
2018-12-08 3200
  Neuralink is a neuroscience company in Musk, responsible for developing interfaces that connect artificial intelligence to the human brain. Musk describes it as “the electrode-neuron interface at the micro level” or, in layman‘s terms, installing “a chip and some wires” in your brain.
  Mask said that the company‘s long-term goal is to achieve "the symbiotic relationship between human and artificial intelligence." He also hopes to prevent certain governments and companies from monopolizing artificial intelligence technologies.
  He added that artificial intelligence inevitably exceeds human intelligence. "As algorithms and hardware continue to improve, artificial intelligence will greatly exceed human intelligence," he said.
  He even said that if not handled properly, the arrival of universal artificial intelligence (ie, artificial intelligence that meets or exceeds human intelligence) will turn humans into endangered species. He even used analogy for primates that were rushed to the earth by humans.
  “When a primate, such as a wise man, becomes much more intelligent than other primates, it pushes all other primates into a small habitat. Therefore, the current mountain There are very few gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees," he said.
  A 2017 report shows that more than half of the world‘s primates are at risk of extinction. Experts warn that agriculture and industry have led to “mass extinction” of primates.
  According to Musk, since these animals are forced into smaller habitats (including zoos) by more intelligent humans, humans may be forced into the desperate situation by more intelligent artificial intelligence. "For us humans, this is a possible ending," he said.
  Musk also predicted the potential threat of AI. However, other technology leaders are not so pessimistic. Some experts in the industry also questioned Musk‘s Neuralink, claiming that the company‘s goal is "unrealistic."