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Mapesen Low Consumption 4G / Wifi Solar Battery Series
2020-09-26 3

We all know the world is vast,there are indeed many environments that need to be protected and viewed with real-time monitoring.

But "No network,no power,how am I supposed to know what‘s going on around me? Did someone break in? Is there a danger approaching? it‘s really disturbing."

Anyway,people are always smart enough to face up to all kinds of problems,that‘s why we have learned to use solar power and make the most of this blessed natural resource.Since a few years ago, solar energy has been introduced into the field of surveillance to solve the problem of installing CCTV surveillance products in certain areas that are not easily wired for power.

With solar power,so now as long as you have a 4G SIM card,you can realize the real-time monitoring,or in areas where WIFI is avilable,you can connect directly to the internet using WIFI.In addition.In addition,we have also added the double guarantee of battery power for our cameras to ensure that they will work 365 days a year even when it is raining.

For traditional low power consumption products,we all use PIR sensor,which the motion detection triggers the working,recording and alarm push,but now we have better one,that is the Radar Detection.The microwave radar detection is more accurate,and the detecting distance up to 9-12meters,and which will not affected by the weather,when people showing with the monitoring area of the camera,it will immediately trigger working function,alarm push and recording.

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