Welcome to Mapesen Technology Limited
“All rivers run into sea”, Mapesen, are people oriented, inclusive and open, always caring employees for their life,emotion and growth,constantly persuing the balance between work and life with professional spirit and high quality. People are the future of Mapesen,it’s committed to developing employees with high potentials, and place a great emphasis on opportunities and the working environment so as both mapesen and the employees can grow.

Mapesen witness every employee from ordinary to excellent, from excellent to great, more and more people realize their dreams here. Devoting to train and create a high-level market leading, team advantage creating, champion corporate credo talented team with mission and responsibility for the realization of strategic target is the continuous talents persuit of mapesen.

Mapesen people cherish own dream and pursuit, as dreams are not only makes us more dynamic, more creative,but also with more driving forces to beyond other people and team,so as to achieve self-sublimation.
On the way of growing and developing, Mapesen are honored to have all kinds of like-minded friends to be with mapesen to witness all these brilliant achievements, so Mapesen have been constantly developing the performance system and remuneration policies,and fairly reward each employee for their contribution to the company and the whole society.

• We Value “Virtue and Talent,Foundation on Integrity”
• We Choose “Growth” Talent,Value Potential
• No limits,Capable Deserves
• Outside Talents Introduction and Internal Talents Promotion,Priority Selection of Internal Talents
• Open,Equitable and Just Principle for Talents Selection.

Mapesen are very willing to be a talent scout,to nuture those who never gives up.Welcome!