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Mapesen Vehicle Fever Screening Thermometer Application In Brazil
2021-09-16 0

Mapesen’s Vehicle/Fast Fever Screening Thermometer application in Brazil.


Advantages of Mapesen Vehicle Screening Thermometer (Car thermometer) for which makes it different from other thermometer?


· Support multi-kinds of installation mode,wall mount,vertical and horizontal installation of vehicle railings,easy installation with single tripod.

· Aviation Connector,anti-shake,anti-loosing,more stable,suitable for all kinds of vehicles.

· Wide voltage 5-24V.

· Medical grade HEIMANN sensor,sensitivity up to ±0.1.

· Fast temperature measurement <0.1 seconds.

· With data transmission interface.

· Local human pronunciation,support customized language and broadcast.

· Workable outdoor and under strong light.

· Support temperature compensation.

· Support sound and audio alarm,able to connecting to access control.